December '02

Talking about Zymol in the last issue, having had the chance to use some Zymol and I have to say that I am very pleased with the results. It does take a full days preparation, so I had to wait for a time when I had fine weather and a minimum of interruptions, so my wife and children where packed off to visit relatives and the answer phone went on.

I gave the car a good washing and leathering, then used the Zymol clay, then the HD Cleanse (or as they call it chocolate sauce) then applied the Zymol wax which has the Carnauba wax. The biggest difference came when I applied the HD Cleanse, this really brought out the deep red of the Guards Red paintwork and gave it a deep bright gloss. The wax is then applied with the bare hand and I feel that this is merely the protection of what you have already done with the HD Cleanse.

Having said that, the car is now only washed with a clean water spray and a chamois, the dirt seems to lift off fairly easily so the wax is doing a very good job of protecting the paint, a quick once over with the Field Glaze gives it a little added protection and a replenished shine.
Can I recommend it ? Yes.

What I liked, the very good results.

What I didn't like, the time involved and the price. But I dread to think of what I have spent in the past trying various cheaper waxes and polishes.

I am also going to be testing another range of paint preparation products soon, which are a bit cheaper than Zymol but are said to give the same results and are used in the motor industry. Watch this space !

968s For Sale.
I often get asked if I know of any good 968s for sale, well one of the original 968s that came into the UK has recently changed hands and is now up for sale at Autoclassica, 01423-865600.
I believe that this was the car that Porsche used for publicity when the Club Sport was launched in the UK, and had the number plate "THE 968S". The car has been featured in magazine articles, has a unique and partly aristocratic history and is worth a look if you are considering a 968 or a Club Sport in particular.


Christmas Celebrations.
On the domestic front my wife Vicky is pregnant and we have a date of 28th December, there is a high percentage chance that it is going to be a boy.
After 2 girls I am looking forward to involving the new family member in cars in general and Porsche in particular. What a Christmas and New Year this is going to be. While I'm on the domestic line, I'd like to say a public thank you to my wife for putting up with me being away at the Porsche and car related events through the year.

Remember, if you have any anecdotes or stories about track days or any other subject in relation to the 968 please email them to me, also try to get some interesting pictures of your 968s in the snow.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody.

Safe motoring and keep it on the black stuff.

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