Embroidered Merchandise

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Baseball Caps

Polo shirts with the 968UK logo.

See the colours below but check with us for which colours and sizes we still have available.

Polo Shirts
Window Stickers
(Pack of 2)

The clothing can be in almost any colour with almost any colour graphic, so if you have a Guards Red with black interior then go for a red with black polo shirt or for a Speed Yellow Club Sport how about a black cap with yellow logo or a yellow cap with black logo.

The pale blue is slightly paler than it shows on the web and is a very good match with Horizon Blue paintwork.

Black with Red

Red with Black - Sold Out

Black with Yellow - Sold Out

Yellow with Black - Sold Out

Black with White - Sold Out

White with Black

Black with Royal Blue - Sold Out

Royal Blue with Black - Sold Out

Pale Blue with Black - Sold Out

Print off some 968uk business cards to give to potential members.