Car Wax from DT Concours

Using the DT Concours 1-2-3 Kit

Stage 1 - Super Clay

Our clay bar is designed to remove deposits from the surface of the paint, deposits such as industrial fall out from some factories, traffic film, tar etc. Did you know that parking a car near to a railway line (including station car parks) may result in the car being covered in minute deposits of metal from a trains wheels and braking system!

Following the instructions methodically work the clay bar over the painted areas of the car, starting with the roof panel and working down to the lower panels. Remember to keep the surface of the clay bar clean as directed and to use a lubricant for ease and maximum effect.

Dry each area after using the clay bar with a 100% soft cotton towel. You are now ready to cleanse the paint surface.

Stage 2 - Cleanser

The DT Concours cleanser is designed to thoroughly clean the paint areas prior to protecting them with the Wax. The Cleanser is less abrasive than some more traditional "cutting" fluids, yet still achieves a superb result. Following the instructions apply the cleanser using a 100% soft cotton towel. It is recommended that you use long strokes rather than a circular motion (see the section on washing the car) to apply the cleanser and also when buffing afterwards with another cotton towel.

The paint is now noticeably cleaner and it's time to apply the DT Concours Wax.

Stage 3 - Wax

The DT Concours wax is made using Carnauba Wax, the toughest natural wax known to man. The formula for our Wax is designed for maximum, lasting protection and for all the important ease of use. Following the instructions apply the Wax in the same way as the Cleanser using separate cotton towels for application and buffing.

DT Concours Wax will add a hardwearing layer to protect the deep lustre of the paint cleanser.