968 Model Differences

Coupe - Club Sport - Sport

The Sport(for the UK market only in 1994) was produced on the same production line as the Club Sport so is very similar in the chassis(chassis numbers correspond) and suspension. The key difference between the CS and the Sport is that the Sport has the bigger wiring loom and battery - for the extra electrics that have been put in, electric windows, tailgate release, central locking etc. It also has the occasional rear seats, unlike the CS and it has the comfort front seats. Generally the Sport is a CS with the electrics added in and comfort seats.

Coupes were available in many different colours, and had options on the interior colours, seats and trim.

Club Sports were available in Guards Red, Speed Yellow, Black, White, Maritime Blue and Riviera Blue with or without Club Sport decals down the sides in either black, red or white.

Club Sports had colour coded backs to the front seats and a black interior.

Sports were available in many different colours, and had black cloth seats and an all black interior.

More information on the Club Sports is available on this page : Porsche 968 Club Sport