Porsche 968 Gallery

911 and Porsche World Photoshoot organised by Stuart Cookson 2003,
with thanks to John Hunter and David Portman.

Stuart's 968 Coupe Project

12 Porsche 968s at Oulton Park on 21st February 2004

My 968 Sport about to lead the parade lap at the Gold Cup Revival/Historic Festival, Oulton Park, 26 August 2002.

Leading the parade lap, 29-8-02..
Photo courtesy of Shaun Towner.
200mph classic cars, not often you see this, with a combined top speed of close to 420 mph.
Donington, 24-6-02.
The Diablo's number plate reads D14BLO. I think that this was Carole Nash with her new toy.
Although this gallery is for cars I had to show this rather nice sunset, which I stopped the car to take a picture of after I left Donington. 24-6-02.
Croft, what a day at an excellent track for the 968.
Taking a break at Ullswater during the Lake District run, 11-5-03
Taking a break at Parker and Parker in Kendal after a rather spirited drive down the A6 on the Shap road. 11-5-03.
Rockingham Raceway, 24-5-03
A great action shot from the Nurbergring.
Does anybody else have any close up action shots.
Comparison of 993 and 968 noses.