Racing 968s

Although the Porsche 968 started life as a road car and a development of the 944, it's almost perfect balance and driving dynamics lent itself very favourably to Porsche developing not only the Club Sport variant with lighter and more basic electrics and lower suspension, but also the Turbo S and Turbo RS which were to be the ultimate 968s if you wanted to go racing.

Whether yours is a Club Sport or a Turbo variant you know that it's true home is on a race track.

Here we have some information and images on 968s that have been or are being developed for racing.

Racing 968s

Paul Follet
GAZ remote cell shocks, solid flywheel, dipped/seam welded body, Safety Devices cage, de-cat, MO30 calipers, Pagids etc.

More to come

Dominic Lesniewski - 968 RS Turbo Britcar
Dominic Lesniewski Returns To The Race Track With a Beast of a Porsche 968 RS Turbo in the Britcar Series.