Leathercare Renovations

Leathercare Renovations, based in Cheshire was formed in 1988 by Steven Merrett and Stephen Nash - two time served 'Connolly Leather' renovation department specialists who wanted to bring their experience and expertise to the north of England.

On our departure we were quickly offered the exclusive licence to use the 'Connolly' name and products to provide a quality leather renovation service to compliment the London based one we had left behind.

Within a short time, we were handling leather renovation and consultancy services to many prestige car dealerships such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lotus, Morgan and Porsche to name but a few. Our services were also required to restore the leather interiors to corporate jets and problems with domestic furnitur delivered by large furniture chains.

Sadly, in June 2002, after 125 years, 'Connolly Leather' ceased trading. The automotive industry no longer has that distinctive aroma and quality leather available.

Here are some images of a light grey leather car seat from a Porsche 968, the top pictures show the condition of the bolster on the drivers seat before the treatment and the lower image shows the condition after the treatment which is a massive improvement and looks new.

Here are some pictures of the drivers seat before the work was done, You can easily see the marks and scratches on the bolster, and also the general cracking on the surface of the leather.
Damaged leather car seat. Damaged leather car seat. Damaged leather car seat.
This is after the work was done, all the marks scratches and cracks have dissappeared.
Renovated leather car seat.