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Hi Stuart.
Car is fitted with New MO30 ARB, Koni Sports and the Chip. Yesterday had to drive to Huddersfield too M25, M11, A14, A57, and a number of side roads up and down the Yorkshire dales. All in, I covered around 500 miles. Very impressed - the handling is amazing. In wet conditions (set Konis on 2 and back and 2 on front) I was powering around corners without any roll!! I have Vrederstein tyres which I consider one of the best makes.

As for the Chip I was surprised. It has smoothed out the engine. The engine feels much more responsive. There is no blip and from traffic lights the pickup is instantaneous. I can say it is money well spent.

Having just fitted the K&N and and the Chip over the weekend, it's a "Must have" mod whatever the wife says.
Car pulls like a train and revs so freely after 4000rpm. It just wants to be red-lined

S.C. - 968 forum


Thanks for your help this afternoon. The car feels better, how much better is dificult to tell on the M61 in rush hour traffic, but is a definate improvement. I am looking forward to driving properly over the weekend.


P.S. - Via email

One more thing, Promax Chip - Transformed my car - Cheers Stu

F.D.A. - Via email