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Where was last months 968 write up I hear you cry, well it was Christmas when I would have been writing it so I'm sure I can be forgiven. Don't forget though this is your register and if you want to add an article please let me know.

The events for the coming year are starting to take shape, people are already planning convoys on the 968uk.com forum for the Oulton Park event on 26th of Feb and also another meet up at Oulton on the 5th March. On the March date Pete Morris who races 968s will be on hand for hot laps round the circuit, probably for a nominal charge per lap.

Frontrunner which includes all the front engined cars will be on 1st May at PCGB HQ. This has special significance for me this year as I now also own a 1982 924 Lux with just 36,000 miles on the clock, if you want to see it have a look at www.924uk.com.

New Suspension - Again!
My 968 car is undergoing some more changes at the time of writing with new suspension going on, we have become dealers for KW Suspension which is manufactured using non corroding materials and the main cylinder bodies are stainless steel. As my car is usually on show it will help that the suspension doesn't corrode. Although the car is the dirtiest that it has been in a long time because I've been out 'testing the new suspension' nearly every day with a big silly grin on my face. Roundabouts will never be the same again.

Some of you will know that I have been trying to accommodate the luxuries of the Coupe with the suspension of the Club Sport. The KW suspension is about as close to M030 suspension if not better that you are likely to get. In fact I do get asked quite often if I know of any 968s for sale with M030 suspension. My advice is buy a car without it and simply add KW suspension and M030 anti roll bars.

The reason being that if you do manage to find an M030 car it will probably need to have the dampers renewed unless they have been done recently, remembering that it will all be at least 10 years old, even if the dampers are OK it is 10 year old technology and there are bound to be improvements in more modern systems.

Factory Tolerances
On a technical note one of the things I have discovered while going through the process with the suspension is that the factory had a tolerance of plus or minus 10mm on the ride height of the car. That means that one car at the top limit could be 20mm higher than another car at the bottom limit.

The 928 S4 discs and callipers are about ready to go on, I had the callipers repainted in red but they came out kind of pink, I think it was the thinners that was being used as they are turning a darker red as they cure to a hardness. I have new Porsche decals to go on as well.

Insurance Hike
I recently had to change my insurance brokers from Carole Nash to RH Specialist Car Division, the premium at CN had gone from around £350 to £2001. As this seems to be a problem with who CN uses to underwrite their classic policies I'm sure that I won't be the only one to have been hit with this sort of price hike. I am now paying £387 with RH who class cars older than 10 years as classics, I have also insured the 924 with them at £161 again on a classic policy, obviously premiums will differ with risk but they seem to be very competitive at the moment.

Bye For Now

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