Happy New Year Everyone.

Apology to Tony Brown
In Decembers issue of PP in the 968 register write up. I made a comment about Tony Brown's choice of car in racing and this caused great offence to Tony.
Tony, I am sorry.

For everyone else, the comment was made from my biased point of view as 968 Reg. Sec. as a tongue in cheek comment about cars that have the engine in the wrong place (911s of course) and was not intended as a personal criticism on Tony's decision making or on his racing ability and nobody should take it as such. Tony has had good results in 911s in the years racing and this was not put forward in the article as it was written purely as news of the success of 968s.

Saturday 27th November at Bruntingthorpe proving ground. A good dry day. The fact is there was plenty of room, the BMW guys had been banished to a remote part of the airfield, which left a single seater and half a dozen Porsches from TIPEC to play on this rough but very forgiving circuit.

The afternoon was broken up by a light aircraft having to make an emergency landing but it was more of a spectacle than a real bother and only took a few minutes to clear. I was there to learn a little about suspension set-ups, like how soft or hard suspension will affect understeer and oversteer. Having adjustable suspension makes all the difference, especially when you need to then reset it to a softer setting to drive home. Thanks to my passenger Jason (968 CS) for useful tips.

It was nice to see that a few of the Porsches were concours quality but still being used as intended and that there are other people out there that believe the cars can be well looked after and be in tip top condition as well. I've often heard people say 'what are you polishing it for you should be driving it'. My feelings are why not do both. Use it as intended but always have it presentable.

Since going on track days, one of the things I have decided to do is to upgrade the brakes, this can be done quite easily for a few hundred pounds with 928 S4 calipers and disks, adapter plates are needed but these can be bought as well.

I had the opportunity to go to Silverstone on 30th November, very good day out with a couple of passenger rides with professional drivers one of them being Calum Lockie of Goldtrack. I have come to realise that the 968 is capable of far more than I had at first thought. Calum has a CS with a mixture of big reds and some M030 suspension on the rear. He was able to drive this car through the corners at Silverstone while giving me a running commentary and maintaining the balance of the car through the corners using the throttle and very little steering input. I don't mean he was going round sideways but there was an almost imperceptible movement of the rear of the car to keep the front pointing in the right direction. One of my priorities next year will be to get some tuition. Oh just thought I'd mention there was a nice little Carrera GT on the track, stunning speed down the straights.

Taken at the German Sports Car Show in September.
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Future Events
Keep your eyes open for news of these 968 events,
Spring meet up at Oulton Park, 12 last year.
Front engined day at Club Office, 19 last year.
Lake District Run, 3 last year.
Possible trip to the Nurburgring, none last year.
Walton Hall, 35 last year.
National 968 meet up at Brands Hatch, this will need to be confirmed as I am not sure if we will be able to get enough spaces for all the 968s, 10 last year.
Autumn meet up at the German Sports Car Show. 15 last year.

There will also be social meet ups at various tracks. If you have anything you would like to be added just let me know.

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