Just a few short notes to make a few announcements,

Brands Hatch
Summer is rolling onwards and we are getting ever closer to the big event at Brands Hatch, so do have the cars nice and shiny to go on the stand, places will be limited and we will be allocating register stand tickets as last year I believe, any changes and I'll let you know before the event in Porsche Post.

New Register Members
Welcome to the new register members that have recently joined, I notice that 3 out of the 4 that registered in April are in the North West, do try to come a long to the North West regional meeting at 8pm at the Deanwater in Wilmslow on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, you can give me a call to confirm if you wish.

There is going to be an Autojumble held at Cornbury House on 3rd October, this is being organised by Ken Coad the register secretary for 911 2.7, Carrera and 3.0.
Tables are £12 and it will start at about 9:30am and finishing at about 2:30pm.
Ken would like to organise the tables as regions or registers, so if you want to bring some bits for sale just let me know and I can pass on the details to Ken. How many of you have bits that have been in the garage for years and you don't know what to do with them. If you know somebody else in the same situation why not a share a table.
It will also be the Club House open day so Club shop will be open and the displays will be on show as usual.

Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb Track
This is possibly the oldest Hill Climb track in existence but is currently under threat. There has been a Trust set up secure the surrounding land and buildings but the track itself is not acceptable as a Trust. Therefore Shelsley Walsh Trust are proposing to sell off the custody of square yards of the tarmac on a 99 year lease to all comers. The cost per square yard is £125. It is hoped that at least 25 people from each register or region can make a donation of £5 so that each register or region has custody of at least 1 square yard of the track. Time is of the essence so if you wish to make a donation please contact me so that I can assess numbers, remember we need a total of £125 to get a square yard for the 968 register.

Technical Tip/Airbag Steering Wheels
If you are working on the dashboard and possibly removing the steering wheel, if it is an airbag steering wheel, disconnect the battery at least a half hour before you start work, the airbag system needs time to discharge before it is disconnected.

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