Hello everyone, 4th of April was a record breaking day for 968s, we had 19 attend the front engined day at PCGB HQ. That has to be the best turn out of 968s in one place for a very long time. We did well establishing a new record with 12 at Oulton Park and then to get 19 was fantastic. I wonder when and where the next one will be that gets the next record.

I recently moved house and this is a bit of a rush job putting something together for the PP so it won't be as much of a write up as usual. The move didn't go as smoothly as planned but we are starting to settle in although we are living our lives out of boxes still at the moment. we seem to have filled the house already with clutter.

I recently bought another 968, this one is a Coupe with light grey interior with red piping on the seats, due to this new acquisition I may be selling the Sport in the next couple of months, it has served me well over the past 3 years and I will be sorry to see it being driven away when it finally goes, especially as I have just spent a £1000 on it's last service to make it reliable for the next 100 years ! Well probably the next 4 at least.

I am currently upgrading the suspension on the coupe to give the same ride quality and handling of the Sport so the only difference will be the slightly higher weight. I have already replaced the radiator (as it had a small leak) as well as the belts and rollers, dissy cap and rotor arm and thermostat and will also be adding a front splitter. while all the undertrays are off I will probably give it a good clean underneath. The boot area needs a bit of a clean which I will also be doing. I may also be adding replacement M030 anti roll bars and a strut brace, we shall see, well they have just been delivered.
Of course I shall more than likely be adding the usual radar detection equipment.

There was going to be some editorial on the Ninemeister supercharged 968 this month but I am waiting for some images to come through from them at the moment.

Has anybody had any experiences that they would like to share with modified 968s, whether mild or wild.


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