Elvington track day.
Saturday 28th, a report of possible snow didn't put me off going to the track day that had been arranged at Elvington air field, however travelling up the M1 to my destination the weather started to worsen and by the time I was at the airfield it was a blizzard. Luckily the sun came out, and after a few laps (and a lot of fun) we were able to clear a good track. It was a great opportunity, while the track was still covered, to do some car control testing/learning, with no real danger of damaging your car. So lot's of oversteer was the order of the day.

Front runner event at PCGB HQ
After the Oulton Park event in February where we had 12 968s in a line, it would be hard to beat getting that many in one place. Hopefully by the time you read this we will have had significantly more than that number at the Frontrunner event at PCGB HQ on 4th April. As I am writing this on 1st April I thank you all in advance for attending and also thank you for making those who may not yet be PCGB members welcome at the HQ.

Supercharged 968s
Recently I had the opportunity to drive a supercharged 968 demonstrator from Ninemeister. I will be putting a full write up in next months PP, but just to let you know that I was not disappointed. It isn't like a turbo where the power is delivered in a relatively small rev range, the power was there throughout, which I felt gave more controllability and added to the experience, being able to accelerate right from around 2000rpm all the way up to the reprogrammed rev limit at 7000rpm with a great deal of power and torque is an experience that I will not forget. My words here will not do it justice so make sure you look for the article next month. As you will read in the full article I'm not sure what the definition of a supercar is but this modification certainly puts the 968 into that category, the performance being comparable with a 996 GT3. The chassis was already there it just cried out for the power.

New 968 Coupe
I have recently come across a Guards Red 968 Coupe with light grey interior with red piping, this has been on my wish list for some time and I am in the process of bringing the car up to a high standard by giving the carpets a bit of a shampoo and the paintwork a full treatment with DT Concours.. I will also be adding a front splitter and adding sports suspension. I'll keep you up to date when things happen. I may even be in it on the 4th April but at this particular time there is a minor water leak so I will need to get that sorted before I drive it any distance, if I don't get it fixed I will have turned up in the Sport that I've had for the past 3 years.

Workers Conference/AGM
At the end of March I attended the workers conference which is an opportunity to discuss many issues and hopefully help to move the club forward. It is usually a fairly interesting meeting with lots of different views being aired and this occasion was no different. On the Sunday was also the AGM and I had some questions that where asked about trackdays. The questions primarily centred around why PCGB trackdays seem to be comparatively more expensive than profit making companies. The general understanding that I got from the answers and from the accounts for trackdays was that the PCGB trackdays are primarily for the benefit of the members who want less cars on track and are willing to pay for it, there seems also to be an issue over the costs of overheads and how this is used over the whole of the Motorsport company. One problem is that the PCGB trackdays are run as a part of the Motorsport company and therefore the trackday organisation will never be financially comparible with other companies. Also with the trackdays being run as part of Motorsport they are seen as a breeding ground for future Motorsport competitors. So in my humble opinion you have a choice of opting into the PCGB Motorsport trackdays or not, if you do, then you may or may not get more space on track, but you will possibly be on track with competitors in practice or testing their cars, or with drivers aspiring to be the next Club Champion.
I have asked the Motorsport division to look into offering the greater membership a service which would be more in line with what they are looking for, which they have agreed to do.

Stuart Cookson-Smith

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