Porsche Pudding.

There was a debate on the 968 forum about what kind of car was best to run to accompany your Porsche. Unsurprisingly, older VWs, BMWs and Mercs seemed to be the bangers of choice, but there was an equally vehement argument for running a Porsche as your only car, which was admittedly persuasive. I have a VW New Beetle as my daily driver, and it means the Porsche is spared the horrendous dose of salt which the local authorities now deem it necessary to lager everywhere, seeing as Joe Motorist can't contend with so much as a dusting of frost any longer!

My 968 has therefore seen precious little use since about November, as I'm paranoid about getting salt in the brake callipers, and only in the last few days have the roads been salt free enough to enjoy it again. The above arguments were largely about the economics of it all, but ripping thro the spring countryside in the 968, I discovered the real answer, and it's all about contrast. Just as sweet versus sour enlivens your tastebuds, driving something more mundane on a daily basis, only heightens your awareness of just how good a Porsche really is, be it cooled by air or water.

The downside is that if I drove the 968 every day, I just know I would start to get blasé about the speed it can do, and perhaps more importantly, the ease with which it can do it. It's why I gave up fast bikes, basically in the hope of retaining my licence!

So I'll be quite happy to ride my Harley as an appetiser, drive the Beetle as my main course, and relish my occasional Porsche pudding!

John Hunter.

968 Meeting at Oulton Park

It is quite rare to get more than a few 968s together in one place at any one time due to the cars not being the most common Porsches around.
It was quite an achievement to get the 8 that we got at Eynsham Hall last year.
So when we got 12 to turn up to a social meeting at Oulton Park on 21st February you can imagine how proud we all where to be part of the gathering. It was organised on the forum on 968uk.com.

We had got 11 cars that we knew where coming and then another turned up to make the 12. Even the journey to Oulton park was an event in itself as some of us had decided to meet up at a lay-by on the A556.
6 cars turned up to the lay-by to make the journey in convoy. What a wonderful view I had in the door mirror looking back along the rear wheel arch at a line of 968s of different colours including silver, red, blue, white and even a speed yellow.
And then low and behold as we where about half way along the A556, there was another 968 waiting in a lay-by for us who had followed the thread on the forum and decided to meet us along the way, we slowed slightly to allow him to move into the formation easily and away we went.
The looks that we got as we filed into Oulton Parks car park made me proud to be leading the procession and thanks to everybody for allowing me the honour of pole position. Once we had parked up in a line we got the rest of the 968s joining us that had already arrived at the track. This gave us 11 and we took some photographs which can be seen on the 968uk forums gallery. Then just as we thought we had everybody accounted for another one parks up next to us making 12. Wow.
This didn't go unnoticed by the track day organisers who also took some photos for their own marketing purposes.

We all had a great time looking over the cars that went out onto the track including my mates the Beige Boys, who run a stripped out beige 924 on a very tight budget..
As most of us hadn't met face to face before it was good to sit around the cafeteria and swap stories and information about modifications and general running of a 968.
Lot's of 968s, no rain, at a race track, new friends, lots of information being exchanged, to me that's a pretty good result.
Thanks to everybody that came along it was a great day and I look forward to the next one.

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