November '03

Eynsham Hall
I think we got an excellent position right at the entrance to the register and region stands the only real problem was the dust from the dirt track and the lack of space, so my apologies for that and the hassle of shuffling the cars around when extra space was needed, no thanks to those 924 Carrera boys for making life difficult.
Having said that, we had a good turnout ending up with more than our allotted number of cars including 5 Club Sports on the stand, unfortunately due to my being busy with other things I failed to get any good photos so if anybody took some then please do send them to me and I will put them on the gallery. Either hard copy or digital will do, if hard copy, then send them in to club house with a covering letter who will forward them to me, or if digital my email address is
The weather was a great bonus and really helped to make a great weekend. There was a problem for a lot of people actually finding the Hall and possibly a few more signs should have been posted on the way to the event, but on the whole the weekend was a great success and if you where there at the end on Sunday you will have seen the balloons taking off which was an event in itself. Well done to all the organisers.

I wonder if anybody had as wonderful an experience with hotels as I did, I left it to somebody else to book me a room at a particular hotel in Oxford which was only a hop skip and a jump away from the event. Unfortunately there is a similar named hotel near Luton, which I had previously stayed at a few months ago, so guess which hotel was booked. So we arrived at the hotel in Oxford at 11:30pm on Friday and even though they couldn't find the paperwork they said they would find it in the morning and gave us a room for the night. Got up the next morning and phoned my PA and enquired the name of the person at the hotel who had taken the booking so that we could find the paperwork. It was then that we discovered we where at the wrong hotel. Fantastic! And guess what, the correct hotel is near Luton. I guess it would have been nice to book a room at Eynsham Hall but funds wouldn't allow. Anyway it just meant a good drive to the hotel on Saturday night and then another good drive in the morning back to Eynsham tagging along with a couple of 911 RS on the motorway.

Club Sport
In my last write up I talked about the 968 Club Sport and in particular the one I have for sale, recently I had the opportunity to take this for a spin on our regional run to the Peak District, I was following the leader of the run through some very challenging country lanes and am glad to say that the CS performed as expected, it never put a foot wrong and the 2 passengers I had (one at a time, only 2 seats) during the day enthused about the capabilities of the car and really enjoyed the run out.
For those of you from my region that are reading this and where behind me on the run you will know how well this car behaves on braking and cornering. And again I will comment that it will perform outstandingly against almost any other Porsche on tight roads. The only discernible lack of performance against another car I noticed was behind a 928 on a hill from a slow start at low revs, the 928 with it's big V8 was able to pull away whereas I had to build up the revs first, but his lead didn't last long.

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