September '02

My introduction.
Since my last piece simply introducing myself I have been very pleased with the response from my fellow 968 owners and enthusiasts, just after the article it seemed that their wasn't a day when I wouldn't receive either a phone call or an email offering support or best wishes plus the odd technical or general question.

For the questions that where asked I hope that I was of some help, being new to the post my technical knowledge is possibly not the best but having to do the research will help to increase it.

Some of the responses did touch on the lack of content or leadership regarding the register in the previous times, I would point out that the register is their for everybody not only to use and enjoy but also hopefully make a contribution to, so for those people that have made a contribution with questions or images that have now gone onto the websites a big thanks and hopefully a few more of the members may be prompted to make a contribution. If any member wishes to put forward a suggestion for an event please let me know, I may ask for their assistance in the organisation of it but please don't let that put you off, remember it is your register. Also if anybody has done a technical job on their 968 please put it into text and email it in.

Track days and events.
Through my speedtrap detection business over the past couple of months I have recently had the opportunity to visit various tracks, Bedford Autodrome, Donington and most recently Bruntingthorpe, I didn't use my 968 I hasten to add, although I did use my BMW 325i at Bruntingthorpe. I didn't thrash it but was concentrating on getting a nice smooth line, for anybody that has been to Bruntingthorpe you will know that your tyres will suffer however you drive because of the poor surfaces on the runway sections of the track. I also had the task of setting up a laser speedtrap on the 2 mile runway to check the top speeds of those that wished to test their cars to the utmost. The top speed was recorded as a tie with a Porsche 911 (996) Turbo and a TVR Cerbera both attaining 168 mph.
Although I didn't take the 968 I would recommend that if you can afford the tyres do take your cars to at least one track day just to get the feel of what your car really is capable of. I did have various opportunities to take passenger rides in various cars, including Porsche 944, Porsche 968, Porsche Boxster S, Porsche 996 Turbo, and Ferrari F40.

In the 996 Turbo and the Boxster S we took one of our devices, which has a digital GPS speedometer and so where able to check the accuracy of the car speedometers. Above 30mph the car speedometers where reading 5mph over the actual speed, which is the same as when I tested my 968 speedometer. Possibly this is common to all Porsches, if you know any different or can support this let me know.

The car I was most impressed with was the 944, it was a standard 2.5 Lux and he was thrashing the goolies off it. The road holding was fantastic for such a standard car, I have to say that the 968 rides I had where not done very quickly and weren't really driven in anger, possibly like I would have, the drivers where cosseting their baby from too much harsh driving.

This little 944 was haring round Donnington like a little rocket, the car cost the driver something like £2500 as an MOT failure or insurance write off I can't remember, but it was excellent value as he bought it purely for cheap fun.

Later on the driver said that he was changing the engine that week for a 3 litre 968 unit. If you are reading this PLEASE let me know when you're next on a track with it.

Well Bramham has been and gone, I was very glad to meet those of you who came and introduced themselves on the 968 stand and a special thanks to those that supported the register by parking their 968s on the register stand. For various reasons the register didn't get the amount of cars on the stand that I thought we would, remember this is your register and we can all support it in various ways, having a large presence at the national events will help to promote the register and encourage others to lend support.

Could the person who parked on the stand with the 968 that had the adjustable rear spoiler please send me an email, sorry I don't remember who it was, I have a phone number for you, somebody would like to know where you bought some of your accessories.

The event itself I think was a big success, although they should have cut the grass for the regions and registers parking and the ground was probably more suited to 4 wheel drives than our low suspension sports cars.

I know I'm not the only one with this complaint as at least one car was damaged by having to traverse various ruts in the ground.

I camped for the whole weekend and was joined by some of my region on the Saturday night, the firework display was great and I hope we didn't cause too much trouble on the campsite with the laughing that was going on into the early hours, (the guilty parties know who they are). Before the rain started we topped the night off with a game of Top Trumps, and no, that doesn't refer to Roy's little err noise box. Cars on the Gumball Rally was the subject for those who remember Top Trumps. Roy was the final winner with me a close second.

I will be trying out some Zymol on the 968 soon I'll keep you informed, it needs a whole day on it so I'll have to pick a clear day (work and weather wise) when I can do it.

Remember to keep those pictures and anecdotes coming in for the register.
Until the next time, take pleasure in your car and keep it and yourselves safe.

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