Retrofitting Air Conditioning


Is it possible to provide me with details of where you can get OE air con fitted to a 968 CS without air (so that the switch gear looks and is fitted the same)?


With regard to retro fitting air con to a 968 CS, I have spoken to 2 technical experts and both have suggested that the first thing would be to find somebody who would be willing to undertake the task, either a specialist that you trust to do a good job or an OPC.

The next thing is to source the parts, second hand parts may prove difficult to get hold of in a good condition as they would normally come from a car that had been in an accident and so may be damaged. So new parts would probably provide the most reliable results and these can be obtained from any OPC.

New parts would probably run into around a cost of £4000 or more. I have checked with an OPC and this has been confirmed. The labour would probably run into between 5 to 7 working days.

I don't want to make this sound gloomy but unless there is a budget of around £6000 to £7000 to spend on the car and not mind only increasing the cars value by about £500 or slightly more, the job may not be worth doing. I am sure that any OPC or competent specialist would be willing to take your money but would it really be worth it.

I would add that if it was to be attempted and you where contemplating having it done by an independent specialist, a range of skills would be required to complete the task to a sufficient standard, as the dashboard and front interior trim would need to be removed as well as the engine and possibly the existing wiring loom that encompasses the heating system and obviously air con experience would go a long way to ensuring that once it is fitted, it works.