How to remove the gearbox from a 968

Unbolt the driveshafts from the box end.
Unbolt the gear linkage from the link shaft.
Then remove the plastic/rubber cover on the side of the torque tube rear bellhousing. This allows access to the connection between the torque tube + input shaft of the box..
I think you then slide the connector towards the box, ie rearwards, as far as poss...
Remove the torque tube -box bolts.
Remove the box crossmember bolts to the body, + hopefully lower it all onto the ground, with a tad pulling + pushing...

From BD on the forum.


then jamming the clutch down with a piece of wood against the seat so I could turn the shaft to access the clamp bolts.
I took off the heat shield for better reach and the fuel filter has to come off as well but when it was all off I realized that you could leave the crossmember on as it has four captive bolts to release the mount.

Ordered new bush at front gearstick end that yes I should have disconnected first.

From DH on the forum.