Which oil to use


My 1994 968 Sport is due for a service quite soon. The specialist I purchased the car from recommends Mobil 1 (0/W40). However, during a recent conversation with a respected engineer his said that Mobil 1 is too thin for a car of this type and age. He advised me to use a semi-synthetic or non-synthetic alternative.

I would prefer to use the best oil that I can, so am considering using Mobil 1 Motorsport (15/W50). Would this be a suitable alternative to the 'normal' Mobil 1. I use the car on a daily basis and will be taking it on-track once or twice per year.

Many thanks.

T. S.


given your engineer's experience and the fact that my mechanic uses a semi synthetic in my 968 (and previous 944 S2) I would be happy with his recommendation.