Converting a 968 sport coupe to a turbo



I am trying to find as much info on how to go about converting a 968 sport coupe to a turbo.
What are the pros and cons?
What percentage increase could be achieved?
How will it affect reliability?
Can the chassis/suspension take the increase in power?



I am from the US and was wondering did Europe get a 968 Turbo or Turbo S. Is there a kit or some sort to upgrade a US 968 to convert it to a Turbo model?
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Don't even bother trying to Turbocharge you 968 engine, the hassle time and
money out way the costs
Your best bet is to source a good 944 Turbo engine and transplant this into
your Car, its completely a straight swap.
install an dual port waste gate, a replacement Garret turbo unit. An air
induction kit and stainless performance exhaust, and voila, 300+ bhp.
If you want to get it chipped and a MAF air flow unit as well, then you can
be looking at 315 - 325 BHP is that enough for you

Go for it


It is possible and not too expensive to convert a std 968 to turbo S specification.

We are presently conducting just such an exercise and the engine has been built and is presently ready to go back in the test car. Once it has been proven we will reveal the results and costs etc. However the process of working on the conversion has revealed many interesting points and bits of miss-information that has been trotting around the internet and various books etc.

We think we have worked out how Porsche did it and what parts they used and we only had to manufacture one component and modify another to put it all together using parts from basically 3 different engine types - bolted together - so comparatively unspecialised and relatively inexpensive if access to some used spares is not a problem - with replacement parts already available world wide.

I prefer the idea of a 3 litre turbo running at a lower boost than trying to get the same output from a 2.5 litre engine with more boost because the drivability of the car under acceleration is the most important feature for me and there is not as much weight over the driven wheels as for a 911 variant - so a smooth increase in torque from low revs is more important than a sudden huge boost of torque at higher revs. By retaining a std turbo charger and boost we expect 300+bhp but a much smoother torque curve. Of course extra boost would make thie engine extremely powerful.

I hope that this might make the ultimate front engined Porsche - but only time will tell.

Because we are so busy at present it may take a few months before more is revealed but I am hopeful that it will be worth waiting for.

Barry Hart

Hartech Automotive, Bolton. 01204 302809