Upgrading the 944 suspension



I've just bought an 85/1/2 (oval dash) 944 which needs some work to get it back to full health and I wanted to uprate the suspension. The 968 has it about cracked from that position, and I was wondering how easy a suspension transfer would be? I am assuming that it isn't just a case of uprated dampers and springs, so does it transfer across or is there more to it.

Advise would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


The simple answer is yes it can be done. The lower arms can stay but
pretty much everything that is connected to them needs to be changed
over to the 968 parts. The 968 has the 87 and up Turbo supension. I
have been in contact with Clark Fletcher of Clark's garage because he
made the change. The 968 and 951 (89 and up) part numbers are the same
only the MO30 spindels and hubs are diffrent the MO30 hubs and spindels
allow you to upgrase to Big Reds without adaptors but either MO30 Hubs
and spindels work with 928 brake.

Below is an e-mail I wrote to Clark asking him about the upgrade to
Turbo brakes and the link explains the 951 / 968 suspension and gives
P/N, have not done the upgrade myself on the brakes but I have done
just about everthing else PS I would highly recommend camber plates.

85.5 944 N/A
Koni Yellows, Paragon Camber Plates,Weltmister 250lbs AutoX springs,
Turbo Sway Bars (not MO30...yet) Koni Coil Overs (Rear, KLA drop links,
for rear sway bars) KLA Strut bar.

Hope this helps ,e-mail if you need to know more.



>Hi Chip,
> You can put the '89 spindles on your 85.5 N/A a-arms. As you already
> know, you'll also need the '89 hubs (due to the different spindle
> size), rotors, calipers, wheel bearings, and pads. Yes, the caliper
> mounts on the spindles is in a different orientation than the early
> 944s (up though '86). And yes, by using the '89 spindles, everything
> will bolt right up.
> You absolutely need to keep your original A-arms. You could go to the
> Later a-arms but you'd also have to change the tie rods as the earlier
> tie rods are shorter (spindle mounting point on the later a-arms was
> moved out slightly).
> Your offset will change which means you'll need a different set of
> Wheels (at least on the front). Your current offset should be 23mm.
> The size and offset is stamped on the inside of the wheel. If it's a
> Porsche wheel it should read something like 16 x 7J ET 23. You'll need
> the later offset wheels which have a 52 mm offset. Depending on which
> wheels you currently have, you may or may not be able to find a set of
> wheels for the front of the proper offset to match your wheels. Also,
> if you currently have 15" wheels, I think you'll have to go to 16"
> wheels with the '89 Turbo brakes.
> Regards,
> Clark